What To Feed My Baby

The first few years of a child’s life are crucial to their development.  Not only are their bodies growing incredibly fast, their minds are developing just as quickly and taking in all the information that surrounds them.  Even as they’re busy understanding their own bodies, learning to crawl and walk and use the potty, babies are also learning basic things like the meaning of words, the way animals look and sound, and how basic shapes fit together.  It’s a lot to take in, but a child’s mind is perfectly designed to learn it all.

One other thing babies learn at this time is what food is supposed to taste like.  Those first few solid foods you give your child can have a big impact on what they consider part of their diet for the rest of their lives.  If you don’t offer a wide variety fruits, vegetables, or other wholesome foods at this stage, they’ll have a harder time getting to like these food options later in life.  Fortunately, if you’re wondering, “What to feed my baby?” you can let the Little Foodie Club pick out the perfect early menu.

We Care About Our Products

When you pick up a jar of baby food at the supermarket, odds are you’ll find pale, bland foods with a complete lack of texture and a lot of additives that are there to fill out the jar.  You may have trouble telling different foods apart, but then the major brands usually lean on the same basic option anyway.

At the Little Foodie Club, we handle our products differently.  We cook our organic-only ingredients in small batches to preserve their unique flavors, and while we process our food so babies can eat it, we preserve a bit of the texture your kids will enjoy after all their teeth come in and they can start eating proper meals.  We also keep allergies in mind by avoiding common problem foods like soy and nuts, and this small-batch approach lets us customize the product packages we offer so we can accommodate the needs of our customers.  If you want your child to eat kosher, vegan, or have other diet restrictions, we can make that happen.

Another thing we focus on is the color of our baby food.  Kids love bright colors in their food, not just their toys, and so we preserve these colors through the cooking process so you can clearly see a rainbow of options in the clear plastic bags we send you.  “We eat with our eyes,” the saying goes, so if you’re considering “what to feed my baby?” you should focus on vibrant shades.

What To Feed My Baby

Our Products Cover The Full Age Range

Rather than selling our products in stores, we send our baby foods directly from our kitchen to your door.  This lets us choose a good variety of meal options for every order, and you won’t have to worry about freshness because we freeze all our baby foods before shipping them out.  You’ll be asking yourself, “What to feed my baby?” only because you’ll have so many options.

We gear our package options to different stages of a baby’s development, from the first moment you start offering your child solid foods to the time when they can switch to chewable foods.  For instance, one of our most popular plans is our 21 Days to Solids.  Each of the 21 colorful bags that come with this plan contains just one food each, so you can start expanding your child’s palette from the first moment.  Current research shows that kids are fine with tasting something new each day, so this plan offers your kids a good head start.

Let Us Handle The Hard Work

At Little Foodie Club, we believe that gourmet, home-cooked meals are best for both kids and adults.  However, not every family has the time to pick out the ingredients, cook them up, and then blend them into something their babies can eat.  That’s why we offer the next best thing:  gourmet, hand-cooked baby food meals that are the best possible answer to the question of “what to feed my baby?”

The baby foods we offer at the Little Foodie Club are the best way to introduce your child to the wide spectrum of new foods and flavors they’ll come to know and love for the rest of their lives.  If you live in California or states like Arizona and Utah, contact us today to set up your child’s first new food plan and discover the answer to “what to feed my baby?”