Transitioning To Solids


Early childhood is full of major milestones.  The first word they speak, the first time they crawl, the first time they walk, and so on.  Babies learn at an incredible pace during those first few years, and as parents, it’s your job to guide them and help them achieve those milestones the right way.

One such milestone comes when babies begin transitioning to solids.  Weaning your baby off of milk or formula is an important time, one which can influence their sense of taste for the rest of their lives.  However, store-bought baby foods leave a lot to be desired.  They boil and puree all the foods in giant vats and bulk them up with fillers and extra water.  In many cases, you can’t even tell what kind of food it used to be unless you read the label.

Transitioning To Solids

That’s why we started the Little Foodie Club.  Our California-based company creates gourmet baby foods in small batches, and our goal is to introduce babies to new flavors and healthy foods from the very beginning.  This can help them enjoy a wide variety of good meals even after they grow older and start making their own food choices.

We Make Every Batch With Care

The things babies experience early on teach them what to think of as “normal.”  For instance, babies in English-speaking homes can understand the difference between English and other languages even before they can string together a whole sentence.  Food is no different:  the kind of flavors and smells babies experience when transitioning to solids tell them what food is supposed to taste like and it can take much longer as an adult to get used to something new.

That’s why we select the ingredients for our baby foods with plenty of care.  Not only do we look for organic vegetables and meats, we also avoid common allergens like dairy, soy, and most kinds of nuts.  Aside from that, we collect a wide variety of vegetables and fruits so your child can have as broad and as healthy a palette as possible.  We also do our best to preserve the colors of our ingredients so your children can enjoy the food with their eyes as well as their nose and tongue.

We Can Supply The Full Transition

Every child has a unique development, and something that takes six months for your first child might take nine for your second.  Transitioning to solids is part of this development, and while one baby might be able to move on to a full solid diet in no time another might need pureed baby foods for several months.  That’s why our baby food plans cover a wide range of options and ages.  21 Days to Solids is a popular plan with a new food for each day, but we have other options for parents who need them.

Transitioning To Solids

We also accommodate special dietary needs and restrictions.  We use organic produce and avoid allergens no matter what, but you might want us to provide your child with a vegan diet or accommodate other allergies your child happens to have.  We want your child to be happy and healthy while eating Little Foodie Club baby food, so feel free to describe any restrictions you might have when you sign up for our service.

We Make It Easy For Working Parents

At Little Foodie Club, we know we aren’t your only alternative to mainstream baby foods.  You can always put the time and effort in to cook and puree meat and vegetables at home for the freshest possible early solid foods.  However, we also know that many working parents don’t have enough time to spare to prepare food for kids transitioning to solids.  That’s why we offer baby foods with the care and quality of homemade meals.  Our prices may be higher than what you’ll find in the store, but our quality more than makes up for it.

All too often, baby foods deliver terrible quality to children who should be discovering a wide variety of new flavors and textures.  Fortunately, parents in California and certain nearby states can sign up for the Little Foodie Club for some guaranteed high-quality baby foods.  As soon as we have your name and address, we can begin sending you packets of expertly blended foods so your child can learn what amazing ingredients are out there right from the start.