A Varied Palate Starts Early


Every parent wants to raise a child who eats healthy foods. In a world where there are plenty of unhealthy foods available on every corner, teaching your child to make good choices as they grow begins in infancy.

Breaking With Tradition

For many years, early baby food consisted of bland rice cereal and sweet fruits. Research has shown, however, that early baby foods need not be cereal, nor sweet. Cereal is no longer recommended as a first food as it lacks taste and nutrients. When it comes to fruits, research has suggested that sweet foods should not be presented until after your baby has had the opportunity to experience the very different taste of vegetables.

Variation Begins With Vegetables

According to Ryan Andrews of Precision Nutrition, if you introduce fruit to your baby before vegetables, “baby might expect all food to taste sweet; an important factor considering that food tastes formed early in life can persist.”  This is where a varied palate begins.


Andrews suggests broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach be considered as the first step in early baby food. By taking the steps to offer veggie baby food flavors that are on the bitter side, you’re training baby’s palate to experience and enjoy things that are very different from the sweet breast milk they’re used to.

Nutrition That Lasts A Lifetime

As your baby grows and continues to develop at a high rate, it’s essential to provide the right combination of nutrients and calories needed to thrive. A balanced and varied diet will not only provide the right nutrients, it will help your baby “learn about new flavors and develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime,” says the Baby Centre medical advisory board.

Baby Food Delivery

Starting your baby on solids can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you worry about how to start, your pediatrician can always offer tips and ideas. For early baby food that’s nutritious and worry-free, consider one of our meal plans to get you started. Our early baby food is healthy, organic, and flash frozen to be the best it can be at mealtime. With a variety of baby food flavors, you’ll be able to offer everything to train your baby’s palate from day one. And that’s a good thing.

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