5 Must Know Tips For Starting Solids

5 Must Know Tips For Starting Solids

Are you ready to begin feeding baby solids? With all of the advice out there, you might be overwhelmed about how to begin. Your pediatrician is always there to answer your questions, but these five tips are here to help you get started.

1) Know the right time to start. There’s a variety of information out there to instruct parents when to begin feeding baby solids. The general rule of thumb says that as long as baby has doubled birth weight, can sit up, has head control, and has lost the reflex to push food out of the mouth, they’re ready. This can happen as early as four months, and as late as six months, so tune in to your baby for the right time.

2) Choose vegetables before fruits. Will your baby ever eat vegetables if they eat fruit first? Probably. But introducing the bitter taste of vegetables will expose baby’s palate to something different, getting them interested in a flavor other than sweet. Iron consumption is important at this stage, so dark green veggies are a perfect 4 to 6 month baby food.

3) Don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit. Once baby is enjoying plain fruits and vegetables, there’s nothing that says you can’t add a little mild spice to mealtime. Spices like cinnamon and cumin are filled with powerful antioxidants that are great for health and growth. Plus, the variety is great for the palate. 

5 Must Know Tips For Starting Solids

4) There’s no need to wait before introducing new foods. Unless there is a family history of food allergies, doctors say that there’s no advantage of delaying foods like fish, eggs, or peanut products. When feeding baby solids, peanut products might even prevent a peanut allergy from developing.

5) Take advantage of a good baby food delivery service. There is much to be said about the benefits that a baby food delivery service can bring. With organic foods that are flash frozen fresh, and a wide variety of baby food flavors, you’re more likely to enjoy feeding baby solids than you are to worry about it.

The 21 days to solids plan takes away the guesswork and provides all of the variety you need to palate train your baby now so they’ll make healthy food choices as they grow. When it comes to baby’s first solid food, nothing is as important as laying a good foundation with variety

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