5 Benefits Of Organic Foods For Baby

5 Benefits Of Organic Foods For Baby

Foods that get the label of being organic are foods that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. As more adults choose organic foods over those that are grown conventionally, people are beginning to see the benefits of doing the same with healthy baby food.

If you’re undecided about serving healthy food for infants, consider these five benefits of going organic: 

1) Limited Chemical Exposure. It’s the lack of chemical exposure that can make people choose organic baby food over those that are conventionally grown. The toxins in pesticides can cause a host of problems that can affect brain development, growth rate, and overall health.

2) Better Mental Health. Since there is a direct correlation between diet and disease, the risks for ADD, depression, and concentration problems can be lowered by eating organic baby food.

3) Better Physical Health. According to a nutritional study, it was found that two-year olds who ate exclusively organic dairy products had fewer incidents of eczema and wheezing. This can be very important as more children are being diagnosed with asthma.

5 Benefits Of Organic Foods For Baby

4) Environmentally Friendly. Non-organic foods are sprayed with chemicals. Though these chemicals are designed to stay on the plant, a portion will wash off when it rains and be absorbed into the surrounding soil and ground water, affecting the wildlife. 

5) They Taste Better. No matter what research has to say about organic foods, there’s no denying that they just taste better. When starting solids, you’ll want your baby’s palate to enjoy what it experiences from day one. 

Remember, whether its organic or not, it’s important to offer your baby “healthy foods from the beginning to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating” (Mayo Clinic). 

Consider A Baby Food Delivery Service

Instead of searching and researching what foods are organic, and which ones are not, why not choose an organic baby food delivery service right from the start? We have plans for starting solids, 6 – 9 months, and 9 months plus. Our foods are fresh, organic, and provide a variety of flavors that will help foster your baby’s love for veggies even at such a young age. After all, the healthy baby food they experience now will train their palate to appreciate them as they grow, leading to a lifetime of healthy choices

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