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When it comes to fashion and everything beautiful, Vogue is the ultimate style guide. 

This month British Vogue has given Little Foodie Club a brilliant shout out by featuring us as the only baby food brand in its Tiny Tribes pages.

Proving its millions of readers with inspiration across all aspects of Vogue’s 'mini-me' wish list, the fashion bible lists its favorite premium brands, from children's fashion and accessories, through to toys, interior items and food. 

Little Foodie Club’s 21 Days to Solids plan is featured as the “California baby food brand that is revolutionizing the way babies are introduced to solid foods. Its innovative 21 Days to Solids plan exposes little ones to a rainbow of fresh, organic ingredients, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.”

We couldn't be more pleased with this stylish stamp of approval!

Little Foodie Club