A new World Health Organization analysis has warned that commercially-produced baby foods contain too much sugar. 

Commercial Baby Food Contains Too Much Sugar, Warns WHO

 The WHO tested 8,000 baby food products and found that around a third of these listed sugar, concentrated fruit juice or other sweetening agents as an ingredient. 

 “These added flavors and sugars could affect the development of children’s taste preferences by increasing their liking for sweeter foods,” the agency said.

What’s more, the WHO added, many baby food products were wrongly marketed as being acceptable nutrition for feeding babies younger than 6 months old. “Although foods such as fruits and vegetables that naturally contain sugars are appropriate for infants and young children, the very high level of free sugars in puréed commercial products is cause for concern,” the WHO added. 

Commercial Baby Food Contains Too Much Sugar, Warns WHO

WHO experts warn that too much sugar in infancy will give children a lifelong taste for sweet foods, leading to overweight, obesity and other diet-related diseases later in life. 

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