Frozen Baby Food And Other Tips For Teething

One of the most difficult parts of parenting an infant (next to sleeping troubles and colic) is teething. No parent wants to see their precious baby in pain and teething can cause your little one to go through some truly inconsolable moments. As a result your baby may not want to eat any baby food, which in turn adds even more worry to your plate. So here are five ways to comfort a teething baby so you can see their new toothy smile with fewer tears.


Toys that are created specifically for teething have some texture and can be put in the freezer for a numbing cold feeling. The ones with the gel inside will even get a little more solid so that when your little one is biting down they get a bit of resistance.

Frozen Baby Food in a Mesh Feeder

Try putting some of your organic baby food from Little Foodie Club into a mesh feeder and popping it in the freezer. Think of it as a baby popsicle with less sugar, more nutrition, and a bonus teething pain remedy.

Frozen Baby Food And Other Tips For Teething

More Milk

Sucking on mama’s breast or a bottle is a natural soothing tool for babies. Offering your baby milk more often during teething can be helpful because it offers baby reassurance and comfort. 

Face Massage

Your touch is soothing to your baby for many reasons. A few times a day you can rub your baby’s face, jaw, and gums in a gentle circular motion or with “walking” fingers. 

If all else fails, use meds

If your baby is really having a hard time, it is totally fine to offer over the counter pain relief. Just check with your pediatrician to find out the best option for your little one and make sure to use the correct dosage!

At the end of the day, teething is a short period of time during your baby’s life and, just like every other parenting challenge, you will get through it! The good stuff far outweighs the tough stuff and honestly, seeing that grin with a brand new tooth is so exciting that you will forget how hard it may have been in the first place. 

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