Why Your Baby Needs Meat In His Diet

Meat is an important part of a baby’s diet, celebrity pediatrician and author of What to Feed Your Baby Dr Tanya Altmann says. 

Why Your Baby Needs Meat In His Diet

Meat is high in iron and zinc, which are of critical importance to young infants for normal growth and development. While these trace minerals are found in a variety of foods, they are more easily absorbed by the body when received from meats and fish due to the bioavailability of heme iron. 

Dr. Altmann, founder of the Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center, tells us that babies should have meat in their diet for ideal growth and development. “Babies need a certain amount of iron and zinc to grow and develop properly starting around age 6 months,” she says. “Meat is a good source of iron and zinc and easily absorbed. You can puree cooked beef or chicken with veggies and easily serve it to an infant once it’s time to transition to solids.” 

Why Your Baby Needs Meat In His Diet

Separately, a new study by CU School of Medicine researchers is showing a significant impact on infant growth with diets that are higher proteins from meat and fish rather than iron-fortified cereals and other foods commonly served as baby’s first solid meal. 

Minghua Tang, PhD, assistant professor of pediatrics, who led the study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says: "The infants had distinct growth patterns, especially for length, depending on whether they ate meat- or dairy-based complementary foods." 

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