This Years Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Modern dads are more involved in child raising than ever before and we are here for it! From transitioning to solids, to potty training, dad is there for it all. But with this upgraded version of dads comes a need for upgraded gift ideas for Father’s Day.

This Years Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gone are the days of ties, picture mugs, and other clichés. We have rounded up the 5 most unique ideas for your favorite guy to help you pick a gift that will make papa feel proud.

1. Nuts About You Treat Jar

If your dad likes to snack on pistachios, cashews or other nuts why not get him a nice place to store them. This glass jar is not only eco-friendly but also sure to get a laugh out of the big guy. 

2. COOP Memory Foam Pillow

This is no ordinary pillow! The hypoallergenic pillow can be adjusted to comfort with shredded memory foam. Dad can get the most comfortable sleep tailored just for him by removing or adding the foam to his needs. We take no blame for the extra couch naps on this one. 

3. Beard King - Beard Bib

Ok, we will admit that this one might be more for mom, but hey, the less mess the happier the mom and that translates to a happy dad, right?!? The easy to use bib catches all the clippings from dads trim making clean up a breeze!

4. Sengled Smart LED Lightbulbs

If your dad is always up to speed with smart devices he is going to want these lightbulbs. The Sengled bulbs work with both Alexa and Google Assistant allowing dad to transform the room depending on his mood. 

This Years Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

5. A Meat Bouquet

Mom’s not the only one to get a bouquet this year. Only difference? This one is a little less pretty and a little more...meaty. If the way to dad’s heart is through his stomach the Olympia Salami Bouquet comes in a 3 or 6 pack and arrives wrapped up in a festive, ribbon-tied arrangement. 

Whether you call him Dada, Daddy, Papa, or simply Dad, we’re sure he is a pretty awesome guy and he definitely deserves a pretty awesome gift. 

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