Five Tips for Moms to Get Self-Care 

You’ve heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, but somehow, you manage to make it to bedtime each night. Utterly defeated and exhausted, but you got those kids to bed and they are alive! That is an accomplishment, don’t get us wrong, but after a while you might find your temper short, you patience thin, and your health suffering when you worry about everyone BUT you.

Five Tips for Moms to Get Self-Care

Lack of time is the reason most moms have given for why they don’t get self care. We get that. Time is precious and it flies by when little Johnny plays two sports and baby Susie is demanding all your attention. 

Here are some tips to help you find those precious moments throughout the day for self care.

1. Start with the necessities and add in some daily care rituals

The first thing you want to do is make sure that all of your daily needs are being met. Make a list and figure out what is most important for you to have a good day then find creative ways to add little bursts of self care through your routine. Brushing teeth is an obvious detail so let’s start there! Maybe you have a special brand of toothpaste that makes you feel energized, make sure you always have it on hand! You can play a little music while you brush and dance along, or repeat affirmations in your head. The possibilities are endless for short bursts of self care. Think of something that you can add to your daily mundane tasks to “liven them up” a bit.

2. Remove distractions/prioritize

Yes, scrolling Instagram is a great time waster, but you see what we said there? Time WASTER! You could be using that time to do something for YOU not reading about what other people are doing for themselves. Give yourself a time limit or ditch it all together some days. Use that time to catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read or even better, go grab yourself a cup of coffee at the drive-through and LISTEN to the book on Audible.

3. Schedule it and stick to it

You attended that free trial for pilates and LOVED it. Put it on the schedule. If you find something that you really love don’t give up on it because of “time”. Make it a priority when you write up your schedule and plan everything else around your activity for a change.

4. Set boundaries - it’s ok to say NO!

It's time for the next mommy group meet up and everyone loves to come to your house because your banana bread is simply divine. But you are feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it. It’s OK to say NO! Tell Janet that you would love to share your recipe and have someone else make the banana bread and host the moms this time around. Work on not feeling bad that you said no and you will free up a lot of mental space which is self care in and of itself.

5. Plan for long term (big self care goals - dinner dates, adventures, spa day)

While the daily self care snippets are great and all, everyone deserves a day of all out fun and/or pampering! Just like with tip 3, scheduling ahead of time can give you something really  exciting to look forward to. Making it  an annual or biannual (or even monthly!) adventure is the opportunity to REALLY unwind from the stresses of life. 

Five Tips for Moms to Get Self-Care

The moral is, yes, you can add small bits of self care through your day. You have to be mindful, schedule it, and STICK TO IT, but it's so very worth it for you to be at your best physically and emotionally. Moms are always caring for everyone around them, it's high time they start caring for themselves first.

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