Chicago is tastier than ever, thanks to the arrival of Little Foodie Club!

Home to serious meat lovers and the world’s largest food festival – Taste of Chicago – the Windy City’s always been a meatpacking hub (the country’s largest until 1920). 

Chicago is tastier than ever, thanks to the arrival of Little Foodie Club!

And where there’s meat, there’s debate – especially when it comes to your baby’s nutrition. 

Should you feed your baby meat? Should your baby be vegetarian? What about vegan?

Opinions may vary, however, the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition published guidelines on feeding infants, which explain the vital role meat plays in a baby’s diet as it's rich in iron and zinc and contains arachidonic acid, which is key for brain development. In fact research found positive associations between babies eating meat and increased Bayley scores, which measure the mental and motor development in very young children.

Separately, a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that introducing meat early supports infant growth. Babies fed puréed meat such as beef and pork grew nearly an inch more than babies fed dairy foods. 

“Our research suggests introducing higher amounts of protein and introducing meat…into the diet at five months could be potentially beneficial for linear growth (length gain)," says Minghua Tang, the study’s lead author and an assistant pediatrics professor at the University of Colorado’s medical campus. 

Chicago is tastier than ever, thanks to the arrival of Little Foodie Club!

For babies, who require huge amounts of iron and zinc for optimal growth and brain development, meat is a mega source of essential nutrients.

At Little Foodie Club, our iron-rich, flavor-packed recipes are sure to challenge and tantalize those tiny taste buds with complex baby food flavors.

Our meat purées – like our hearty baby beef casserole, slow-cooked with carrots, tomatoes, and oregano, or the crowd pleasing turkey and sweet potato with sage – are smooth and easy to swallow and our ingredient combinations, herbs, and mild spices give your baby a wonderful taste experience with each mouthful.

We use pasture-raised, grass-fed, organic meats so even vegetarian or vegan parents can have peace of mind that we source the healthiest meats to support your baby’s growth. — and so tasty adults may try to sneak a bite!

If you're passionate about raising your baby on a plant-based diet, talk to your pediatrician about meeting your baby’s nutritional requirements.

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