Austin has long been recognized as the Texan capital of good food. But now things are getting even more delicious, with the arrival of Little Foodie Club. 

Best known for its barbecue and Tex Mex cuisine, Travel + Leisure magazine named Austin “America’s next great food town” in 2015 and since then the city has lived up to its reputation. 

Little Foodie Club is part of a boom of culinary revolutionaries pouring into Austin, making it the Southwest’s go-to city for foodie adventurers.And now Austin babies get to be foodies, too. 

With each Little Foodie Club delivery, you'll find recipes designed to tantalize tiny taste buds. 


Everything is bigger in Texas, and the flavors are no exception. That's why our 21 Days to Solids plan is created with only the top quality organic ingredients for creating organic baby food.Based on science, our plan is designed to love healthy and delicious food from the start. Plus our 6-month plus range of baby purees advances babies’ palates by introducing them to smart ingredient combinations, complimentary herbs and gentle spices. 

Texan mom and Little Foodie Club member Shannon Holler says: "Thank you for such an amazing experience with our Felicity’s first experience with different foods and tastes! It has been incredibly rewarding watching her devour her pots of complex purées."

Texas is famous for its beef and we've made sure to include it in our meals for older babies. Iron deficiency is a common nutritional problem in early childhood, so introducing your baby to red meat – a rich source of iron – is very important.

Some of our bigger dishes include recipes like a beef casserole slow-cooked with carrots, tomatoes, and Italian herbs. It's delicious!


Unlike store-bought baby foods from jars or pouches that are mass produced and highly processed, our baby purées are handmade from fresh organic ingredients and cooked to perfection without sugar, salt and anything artificial. 

With the motto, "Keep Austin weird," we knew we couldn't be about creating food snobs. We're not about 'gourmet' baby food, we're about exposing babies to a variety of ingredients, tastes and textures.

Whether Austin is your home or you just love Tex Mex, we're here to help you bring variety and fun into your baby's mealtimes -- and prepare their palates to go big!

For all families in Texas, use promo code TEXANBABIESROCK to get 20% off our 21 Days to Solids plan or any new small subscription meal plan.

Little Foodie Club