Starting solids, or transitioning to solids, is one of the most exciting milestones in a baby's first year of life. But transitioning to solids can sometimes cause issues in their tiny little bellies.

Babies' tummies are very small (the size of their fist) and since the process of digesting more complex foods takes longer, constipation is common when first starting solids.


To remedy constipation, parents should introduce foods that are good sources of fiber, according to Jenna Fletcher of Medical News Today. "Many fruits and vegetables can help stimulate the bowels because of their higher fiber content," said Fletcher.

Good food choices for babies with constipation include:

* skinless apples

* broccoli

* whole grains, such as oatmeal or whole-grain bread or pasta

* peaches

* pears 

* plums

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If simple dietary changes don't help with constipation, pediatricians suggest other home remedies such as tummy massages, baby exercises, warm baths and hydration.  Make sure your baby is getting enough liquids from breast milk or a formula and if things get really bad, try a little prune juice diluted with water. 

Keeping tiny tummies happy will help give little ones the very best start to a lifetime of healthy eating.

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