Eating Vegetables Makes Babies Sleep Better

Exercise is the key to a healthy life – even in infancy. And scientific evidence shows that babies who are active end up sleeping better.


 But now, a new study has found that diet is an important factor when it comes to being active and this applies particularly to babies. 

Researchers tracked the physical activity of 141 12-month-old babies (77 boys and 64 girls) and looked at how active the infants were during the day and at night. 

Then they went on to compare the different characteristics of the most and least active children, including weight and diet as well as medical records from the pregnant mother and baby. 

The results showed that babies who were breastfed and those who ate more vegetables in their organic baby food turned out to be more active than babies who had a more adult like diet, with juice and potato chips.

Researchers also found that the being more active helped to promote sleep and the babies who ate more vegetables were both more active during the day and slept better at night. 

What’s more is that the study suggests that healthy habits adopted during infancy are likely to continue throughout life.


 “Risks for poor health cluster together in this study, but by tackling one, it could create a ripple effect of change. Improving infant diet means that they will be more active which has a knock-on effect for their sleep patterns too. And ultimately it can improve the infant's physical fitness throughout life,” the report concluded. 

Overall the study confirms what we have long believed here at Little Foodie Club. A healthy diet with a variety of vegetables can lead to a lifetime of healthy eating.

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