Let Little Foodie Club Take Some of that Stress Off Your Plate

A new study published in the journal Sociology reveals what most of us already suspected: working mothers are more stressed than other people. 

Mothers with an infant are almost a fifth more stressed (18%), while those with two children have stress levels that are staggering 40% higher than working women with no children. 

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In the largest study of its kind, professors at the Institute for Social and Economic Research measured key biomarkers indicating chronic stress, such as hormone levels and blood pressure.

"Parents of young children are at particular risk of work-family conflict. Working conditions that are not flexible to these family demands, such as long working hours, could adversely impact on a person's stress reactions," said Professor Tarani Chandola, an author of the study.

Let Little Foodie Club take some of that stress off your plate by making baby food meal prep for your babies a cinch.

The very first steps to feeding your baby solid foods can feel a bit daunting. That's why we created our Little Foodie Club "21 Days to Solids" plan. Our plan eliminates the worry and hassle of what to eat and how to make it. 

Let Little Foodie Club Take Some of that Stress Off Your Plate

Developed in partnership with a leading pediatrician and infant nutrition specialist, the plan is based on the scientific discovery that the bigger the variety of fresh vegetables that babies are exposed to in the first few weeks of eating solid foods, the more willing they'll be to eat vegetables and accept new foods as they grow up.

You and your baby ready for more? We also offer subscription meal plans that take babies six months and older on a culinary adventure.

Let Little Foodie Club take the stress off your plate. We'll be with you turning mealtime into fun!

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