10 Things No One Told You About Starting Solids


If you’re considering starting baby on solids, here are 10 things you should know before embarking on this exciting adventure.

1) You can begin solids as early as 4 months of age. If baby is 4-moths in age, or doubled in birth weight, signs of readiness include the ability to sit up and hold up head unassisted and to keep solid food in mouth and swallow.

2) Don’t begin with rice cereal. In 2012, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) warned people about the high levels of arsenic in rice cereal. When starting baby on solids, skip the cereal and start with pureed fruits and vegetables.


3) Begin with vegetables before fruit. Babies are born with a taste for sweet things, so giving vegetables as a first food will train their palate to accept bitter, savory flavors.

4) Baby might not like infant solid food on the first try. Don’t worry if they spit out that kale; it can take up to 15 tries before baby will accept a new food. Don’t give up!

5) Don’t stop breastfeeding once solids enter the picture. The CDC recommends that you breastfeed for at least one-year—even after starting baby on solids. Keep going as long as you are both comfortable.

6) Set a feeding routine early on. It’s important to begin a routine feeding schedule early on. Pediatrician Sara DuMond, MD suggests a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule with a few snacks in between.

7) You can introduce allergenic foods early on. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) suggests that introducing these foods between 4 and 6 months of age may prevent the development of food allergies later on.

8) Provide a variety. Some fruits can be constipating, others can have a laxative effect. A bounty of fruits and vegetables can balance baby’s system while providing their palate with a burst of flavor.  

9) Funny faces are normal. When infant solid food is introduced, your baby might make some funny faces. This is a whole new and exciting experience for them, and that’s how they express it. 

10) Baby food delivery makes life easier. Stop shopping and get on board with an organic baby food delivery program before you even start solids. With the 21 days To Solids Meal Plan, you’ll have everything you need to start baby on a healthy path to goodness delivered right to your home.

As always, speak to your pediatrician about any concerns about starting your baby on solids.

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