5 Myths About Infant Taste Buds


There are plenty of myths and facts about babies floating around in the world today, but knowing the difference is what makes you a great parent. When it comes to baby’s taste buds, here are 5 truths to be unraveled.

1) Babies don’t taste anything. We’re not sure where this myth developed, but a baby’s sense of taste starts developing in the womb. The foods and flavors that a mother ingests during pregnancy “make their way into the amniotic fluid” and expose your baby to the different tastes before they’re even born.

2) Babies won’t like to eat what Mom eats. When babies are exposed to strong flavors in the womb, or during breastfeeding, it can sway their food preference. As babies develop, they’ll prefer a taste for foods based on what Mom loves and prefers. If Mom enjoys vegetables and fruits while baby is in utero, baby will gravitate toward fruits and vegetables as they grow.

3) Babies don’t taste salt. Though flavors such as sweet, bitter, and sour are more prominent at an earlier age, babies as young as 4-months develop the taste buds that can detect salt. Salt is not a substance they need at such a young age, so it’s best to avoid it in their diet all together as more exposure can lead them to develop a taste for it.

4) Babies will never eat what they don’t like. Maybe not at first, but new food takes time to appreciate. You might need to offer certain baby food more than 10 times before they finally accept it. To build healthy eating habits that last through childhood and into adulthood, never give up on offering that spinach or kale.


5) Babies have no food preference. Your baby has a desire for sweet foods, so feeding sweet baby food easily satisfies that desire. If you begin with a savory vegetable, however, you’re palate training your baby to take an interest in something different. This is why our 21 Days To Solids meal plan encourages veggies before fruits.  

Just The Little Foodie Facts

There’s nothing mythical about feeding your baby the healthiest baby food possible, and that’s why we offer organic baby food that’s wholesome and fresh. We stay away from artificial ingredients and stick with smart ingredient combinations that will appeal to your baby’s taste buds from the first spoonful and on through the future.

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