Commercial Baby Foods Lack Green Vegetables


According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, infants and toddlers aren’t receiving enough vegetables in their diet from commercial baby food, especially that of the dark green varieties, such as broccoli and spinach. As vital sources of nutrients and vitamins that are integral to growth and development, so it’s important for babies to be introduced to them in these early stages.

After researching the amount of vegetables, along with where they are on the listed ingredients in the available baby foods on the market, it was concluded that fruits are more widely used than vegetables.

Researchers found that fruits were commonly found before vegetables on the ingredient lists and were listed first in more than a third (37.8%) of all products. As far as vegetables go, red and orange vegetables, which taste sweet, were mostly found before dark green vegetables and beans and peas. Dark green vegetables, which are bitter in taste, also had a tendency to appear as the fourth ingredient or even lower on the ingredient list and were listed first in only 1.1% of the products.

Don’t get us wrong, at Little Foodie Club we love all the flavors and benefits of fruit. But we also want to ensure your little ones are introduced to the taste of dark green vegetables without a mask, so they can acquire a taste for them early on and not rejected them when they’re older. 


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