Gagging When Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

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Introducing solids to baby can be a very exciting time in a parent’s life. It’s the first time baby will taste something different than breast milk or formula. It’s the first step to eating complete meals together as a family. Starting solids opens up many new doors, but it can also bring up many questions.

Is it Choking Or Gagging?

One thing that every parent worries about when introducing solids to baby is the possibility of choking. It’s important to note that baby may gag for certain foods, but there are times when this is a good reflex.

In the book Baby Food Matters, the authors review a few important differences between choking and gagging.  “Gagging is a very natural reflex in babies, designed to bring up whatever is in their throat, and will involve the child coughing and spluttering,” they write. Gagging can occur when food is cold, if they don’t like the taste, or if the mouth is too full.

Choking occurs when something becomes stuck in the back of baby’s throat that blocks their airways. Choking produces no sound and “the child might begin to turn blue” and look frightened.

Top Tips To Avoid Choking

It is important to know how to help a choking baby, so seek guidance from the NHS website and the Red Cross before it happens. Be aware of the following tips:

·         Always supervise your child during feeding.
·         Sit your child upright in a high chair during mealtime.
·         Cut problematic foods such as cherry toma­toes and grapes in half lengthways, or even in quarters.
·         Do not give whole nuts, including peanuts, to children under the age of five.
·         Understand that choking is life-threatening, while gagging is a normal part of experiencing foods for the first time.


When Baby Is Ready To Start Solids

Foods that are pureed to a smooth consistency are perfect for baby first food. Our 21 Days To Solids meal plan offers 21 different organic fruits and vegetables to expose your baby to as many amazing flavors as possible. This is the way to train baby’s palate to appreciate healthy food now so that baby will continue to taste and appreciate healthy foods and flavors as they grow.

Remember, your pediatrician can help address any questions or concerns you might have about gagging, choking, or introducing solids to baby.

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