Food Before One Is Much More Than Just For Fun


There’s an old saying that goes, “food before one is just for fun.” The meaning implies that what a baby eats before his or her first birthday doesn’t really matter. This, much like many other first-time-mom myths out there, is just something that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Two Reasons Why 

Paying attention to the foods a baby eats before the age of one is not only a good idea nutritionally, it’s a good idea to form a lifetime pattern of healthy eating.

Nutritional Needs

From the age of six months, babies require a significant amount of iron to grow and develop properly. There is simply not enough iron in breast milk alone, so this is where first solid foods like iron-rich spinach or red meat are very important.

Palate Training

By exposing your baby to a variety of healthy foods and flavors early on, you’ll train the palate to seek those flavors as they grow. When starting solids, the best way to begin is with a variety of organic baby food that’s fresh and healthy.


Two Myths Busted

Though you might be tempted to choose fruits as an early baby food, this isn’t necessarily the best idea. First solid foods should include vegetables. Dr. Alison Fildes found that babies who began eating a variety of vegetables during the first 15 days of starting solids were more willing to try and accept vegetables later on in life.

Waiting in between new food introduction is an idea that has been around for years. The reality is, the more flavors you bombard your baby with when starting solids, the better. An offering of flavorful and healthy organic baby foods will help make your baby an adventurous eater. Boring foods mean a boring palate later on. 

Two Terrific Tips

As long as your baby is at least four months old and has doubled their birth weight, is able to sit and hold up their head without assistance, and can keep solid food in their mouth and swallow it, they’re ready for first solid foods. Your pediatrician can help you with tips and advice.

If starting solids sounds like a great idea, but you have no idea how to begin, start with the Little Foodie Club 21 Days To Solids Meal Plan. It provides fresh, organic baby food in a variety of flavors that your baby will love. Take out the guesswork and let baby food flavors work for you.

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