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Welcome to Little Foodie Club’s Taste Buddy! This is our new blog, created as a resource especially for you. We’ll be trawling the internet curating all the important, must-know news on baby food, nutrition and infant development so that you don’t have to. We’ll also share some of our own news and keep you updated on what’s happening in the Little Foodie Club kitchen, where we’re constantly developing delicious new flavors to tantalize tiny taste buds.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about me, and why I founded Little Foodie Club in the first place.

I have been working as a professional food writer for over a decade. As part of my job I’ve traveled and eaten my way around the globe and been able to acquire an international perspective on food and food culture. Through this I have developed a deep love not just for learning about ingredients, dishes and flavors but also eating and more importantly cooking. Food is quite frankly the love of my life.

When my daughter Maxine was born, I was determined to pass my passion for food onto her. I knew first hand from friends and family that babies and kids can be really fussy eaters and it was my biggest nightmare to end up with a child who refuses to eat vegetables or try new things. Wanting to instill in Maxine a love of food like mine, I started doing a lot of research into how to bring up a child who is a truly happy, healthy and adventurous eater. This is when I came across a concept called palate-training.

Palate-training basically means that during the first months of a baby eating solid foods we can train their palate and influence their future eating preferences. The way it works is that during these vital first few months the kinds of foods that babies are exposed to will be the kinds of foods they will like later on. So if you want your baby to grow up to love real fruits and vegetables and be open to trying new foods, you have to feed them real fruits and vegetables and bombard them with an constantly evolving variety of tastes and textures right from the start.  

There are lots of scientific studies that back up the idea of palate-training. Here’s just one major study that found that babies who are exposed to a variety of different vegetables in the early stages of transitioning to solids are significantly more willing to try, accept and like new vegetables. And that’s just the start of it. The American Academy of Pediatrics, in its recommendations for foods that ensure healthy brain development in babies’ first 1,000 days, insists that the key to ideal growth is not just healthy food but variety.

I started Little Foodie Club to help parents to lay the foundation for their children to grow up to become both healthy and adventurous eaters and ensure they develop healthily. With the help of paediatrician we’ve created a diverse range of nutrient-dense and delicious baby purees that provide a huge variety of ingredients, tastes and textures to give babies the best possible start to a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Our 21 Days To Solids transitioning plan offers 21 different vegetables and fruits in one easy pack, while our meal plans consist of monthly changing menus of 12 different baby purees, including vegetables, fruits and meats. With Little Foodie Club’s help you don’t need to worry about constantly creating new recipes for your baby because we’ll do it for you.

Together with my husband Adam, I have put my heart and soul into Little Foodie Club. We're working tirelessly to make a real difference to help the next generation grow up to love and appreciate good food. We hope to welcome you and your baby to our community of Little Foodies very soon!


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