Mommy in Los Angeles Profiles Kerstin Kuhn


The fabulous Mommy in Los Angeles website this month ran a profile of Little Foodie Club founder, Kerstin Kuhn.  Here's an extract. You can read the full story here

Inside an industrial kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles, Kerstin Kühn and her assistant have just finished blending fresh peaches, pears and organic vanilla. The blend looks like a tasty and creamy bright-colored smoothie.

“We poach the pears a little bit, just to get them nice and soft before pureeing,” explains Kühn.

She then scoops the mixture carefully into individually labeled cups and weighs each one. She seals the cups, arranges them on a tray and places the tray inside a walk-in freezer where rows of other small food containers will be stored for a few days before they’re delivered to clients around Los Angeles County.

“It’s not easy running a business,” says Kühn. “But moms email me and say: ‘thank you so much…my baby is such a great eater.'”

Kühn is the owner of Little Foodie Club, a Los Angeles-based baby food delivery service that aims to train a baby’s palate by introducing early foods made with a unique combination of flavors.

Parents who purchase a Little Foodie Club subscription can expect a monthly delivery with small batches of handmade purées made from organic, local, preservative-free ingredients. Little Foodie Club flavors include Lentils with Rainbow Carrots & Thyme; Brown Rice with Zucchini; Peas & Mint; Broccoli & Apple with Quinoa; Baby Beef Casserole and Lamb with Potatoes, Spinach & Rosemary, among others.

“We’re always trying to improve things,” says Kühn.

Little Foodie Club