We are thrilled to introduce our latest Little Foodie of the Month. Please meet Jack, who is seen here devouring a Little Foodie Club pot of lamb with vegetables and rosemary. 

Mom Jodi says, Little Foodie Club has been a welcome addition to her family of four. "We have two boys: four year old Luke and 7 month old Jack. While I love the idea of Jack eating scrumptious, adventurous baby food,  I’m less than a wizard in the kitchen, and I certainly don’t have the culinary education to balance flavors, textures and nutrition as well as a pro. 

Little Foodie Club has exposed to Jack to *real*meals, like lamb, and coconut curry, that I'd likely not make at home for lack of time, ingredients, or capability. It's saved me time, and money (no more buying ingredients I use once, or dumping out yet another pan of burnt whatever), and on many nights, my sanity, when I know all I have to do is pull out a pot and Jack will have a delicious and joyful meal on the way." 

Little Foodie Club