New Season: Help Your Baby Sleep Better

This weekend is the start of Daylight Saving Time; that dreaded time of year for all new parents when the clocks “spring” forward and our babies’ sleep routine gets all messed up. And we all know that a tired baby is not a happy baby (nor a happy mama!) Indeed, sufficient sleep is as important as a healthy diet for babies and we are pleased to introduce to you our friend Natalie Willes, aka the Baby Sleep Trainer, a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant. Natalie has helped over 1,500 families to teach their babies how to consistently fall asleep unassisted, and stay asleep throughout the night and for naps.

Her advice on the clocks going forward is to move your babies entire routine one hour forward. “Remember that your child cannot tell time, nor do they care what time your watch reads,” she says. “On the Sunday morning of the time change simply move your child’s entire daily schedule one hour forward. Do you usually start your day around 6:30 am? Simply wait for the clock to read 7:30 am before getting your son or daughter up. Whatever time you normally nap your little one, put them down about an hour later than their typical nap time.” Natalie adds that while for adults it might seem strange, these times will “feel” to your child as the exact same times they are normally accustomed to sleeping. “Bedtime should also be an hour later on the clock,” she adds.

Natalie is based on the West Coast, in Oregon, but she also sees distant clients via FaceTime and Skype. Check out her website or Facebook page for more details. And you can claim a 10% discount on one of her online packages by mentioning Little Foodie Club. 

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