Flavor of the Month: Salmon, Kale and Cauliflower

Our latest addition to our meal plans is Salmon, Kale and Cauliflower with Dill. Fish may seem like a "grown-up" food, but it is ideal for babies as it’s rich in protein and many essential vitamins and minerals. What's most fantastic about oily fish like salmon is that's it's packed with high levels of omega-3 – a fatty acid that is known to boost baby's brain development as well as promote immunity and vision. In fact, it's good for nearly every organ, even baby's super-soft skin. "Salmon is by far the best source of DHA*--the star of the omega-3 world," says famous pediatrician William Seers. Cauliflower and kale too are superfoods: rich in a multitude of vitamins and essential minerals, they compliment salmon to make a nutrient dense puree that is brilliant for growing babies. 

Little Foodie Club