Imagine having one of the top chefs in the world as one of your parents. You’d be visiting farms, learning how to make your own pasta, tasting exquisite seafood, homemade pates, freshly baked breads and more. You’d undoubtedly grow up to become an adventurous eater, with a broadly developed palate right from the start.

If you too want to bring up a little foodie but aren’t the three-Michelin-star type, don’t worry. There are plenty of steps us mere mortals can take to raise healthy eaters.

Bon Appetit magazine spoke to some of America’s top chefs to find out how they teach their children about food. The chefs were all about leading by example – getting them involved in the cooking and shopping; dining as a family, and above all, making eating about enjoyment and discovery.

Here’s what some of them said. And you can read the full article here.

"We've always introduced our four young boys to a wide range of flavors, textures, & different cuisines from a very young age to help them develop their palates and not turn into finicky eaters.”
Cat Cora; mom to four boys

"I believe that eating around the table with your family really helps to create healthy habits. There's interaction and conversation, and you're all eating together.”
Marc Vetri, dad to two boys and a girl

"Start from the very beginning and DON'T give them options (yes, sadly they will choose toaster pizzas, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets if given the choice!). When you find something they like, really roll with it and work it into the menu.”
Suzanna Goin, mom to a daughter and two sons

"Remove distractions from the eating area to help kids understand that the table is for eating, not playing. Start feeding your kids what you are eating before they can speak, and that way they can't argue. Don't offer choices.”
Nate Appleman, dad to one boy

"I think because we never really give our kids "kid" food, they never really think that they aren't supposed to eat whatever we're eating. Instead, they're growing up eating a huge array of flavors and textures." 
Daniel Humm, dad to two girls

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