5 Tips For Transitioning To Solids

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By now you undoubtedly know that the eating habits you instill in your baby today will last throughout their lifetime. Scientific research has shown that the flavors and textures your child experiences at a young age will shape them and mold their future eating habits.

If introducing solids to baby is the next goal you’ve set, here are 5 tips that can make things easier on both of you.

1) Be ready to go. If your baby is at least four months old, can sit, and hold up their head without assistance, they’re ready. Research at the University of Birmingham shows that you have a slim window between the ages of four and eighteen months where babies are more likely to accept new vegetables they haven’t tasted before.  

2) Skip the cereal. In the past, rice cereal was often the first food used for introducing solids to baby. This is no longer the best choice as rice cereal can cause constipation and allergies (Livestrong). 

3) Keep it consistent. It takes 15 times of tasting a new food for your baby to enjoy it. If they don’t take an immediate liking to something, don’t stop offering it. According to Science Direct, as they become familiar with the foods you offer, eventually they’ll “trust” it enough to eat it.


4) Stall on sweets. Vegetables are the best place to start palate training. Babies love sweet flavors, so don’t begin with fruits or sweet veggies.  Go for the milder greens, like peas and green beans, and work your way up to stronger veggies, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

5) Offer a variety. When introducing solids to baby, don’t limit variety. HealthyChildren.org suggests that a variety of foods will give your baby more nutrients, making them less picky, and encourage them to explore other healthy foods as they grow.

Though introducing solids to baby is one of the most exciting times in both a baby’s and a parent’s life, it can be confusing to know where to begin.  For the healthiest beginning possible, start with the Little Foodie Club 21 Days to Solids. It’s fresh, it’s best, and it offers everything you need to embark on baby’s palate training journey.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your baby’s transition to solids, speak with your pediatrician. No one knows your baby better than you do, so have fun with this exciting food adventure. 



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