Four Myths Surrounding Baby’s First Food


Transitioning to solids can be a seemingly overwhelming experience for baby and parents alike. While baby might take to solid foods quickly and easily, parents will often still harbor some stress revolving around what they should do and shouldn’t do to help their child develop a healthy and wholesome relationship with solid foods going forward. To make this overwhelming feeling a bit easier, we debunk four myths surrounding baby’s first foods:

1. Start with single-grain cereal – The most common first food is a single grain baby cereal, such rice cereal, but this should not be your first solids choice. Rice cereal in particular is not recommended for babies as it has virtually zero impact on a baby’s taste development and very little nutritional value to boot. Studies have even suggested that babies who are started on rice cereal are more likely to be obese later in life and grow up to prefer processed over fresh foods.

2. Solids will put your baby to sleep – One strange myth is that starting on solids will make your baby sleep through the night, as if baby’s tummy will be so full from the solid foods they’re like to be down for the count after feeding. In reality, starting on solids has little to no bearing on sleep time, and at this stage 1 time of baby’s life they will still be gaining most of their nutrients from breastmilk or formula. 

3. Chewing fists. Another myth states that if a baby is chewing his fist, it’s a sign of readiness for solids. To eat food your baby needs to be able to move his tongue to the back of his mouth and swallow. If your baby is chewing on his fist, this does not tell you he is able to swallow; he might just be teething. 

4. Reaching for food. It is often said that if a baby shows curiosity about food or tries to grab the food his parents are eating, that it’s a sign of readiness for solids. It is completely normal for babies to be interested in new things and this alone does not indicate that your baby is ready to eat what you are eating.

A subscription service for transitioning baby to solids can help you to map out your strategy for helping your little one to build the foundation of great nutrition. Myths aside, the transition to solids should be a positive and enriching experience for baby and parents alike!

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