The Best Baby Puree Combos


Healthy eating habits begin from baby’s first spoonful. If you want to give your child the best opportunity to make good food choices as they grow into young adults, it’s never too early to start them with baby food flavors that will encourage a healthy path.


Fruits And Veggies From The Start

The CDC suggests that a healthy eating plan should include the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, many early-teenage children fall well below the national recommendations. This likely comes from feeding habits formed in infancy, as studies show that babies with a lower intake of fruits and vegetables during their first year of life will follow less healthy eating patterns as they get older.

Babies who are exposed to more fruit and vegetable baby food flavors, however, will continue to enjoy an abundance of fruit and vegetables as they grow. When you offer your baby pureed green veggies as one of their very first baby food flavors, they’ll develop an appreciation that can last a lifetime.

Best Baby Food Flavors And Combos

As the parent of an infant, there is plenty you can do to guide your baby to a healthy eating plan that will carry them above the national average. Providing the best baby food flavors right from the start will encourage healthy development.

The right combination of fruits and vegetable purees can enlighten your baby’s taste buds, training their palate to accept green beans as well as it accepts apples. As they grow, some of the best baby food flavors include the following combos:

  • Apples and blueberries

  • ·Zucchini and peas

  • ·Sweet potato and spinach

  • ·Butternut squash and broccoli

  • ·Mango and coconut

  • ·Strawberry and bananas

  • ·Pumpkin and bananas

When baby food flavors are this tasty and unique, you know that your baby will look forward to healthy eating just as much as you do.

Organic Baby Food Delivery

You might not have the time to shop for a ripe mango and puree it with coconut, but that’s what we’re here for. When you have the benefit of an organic baby food delivery service that can provide the best baby food flavors, textures, and combinations right to your doorstep, you have gold. With meal plans that run from first foods to 6 months plus, healthy habits can begin today.

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