Babies grow and learn more in their first year than they will in their lifetime, meaning the first 12 months are a crucial time for future health and development. Not only is a diverse diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins critical for brain development, research has also found that variety is key in developing a healthy and adventurous palate. 

Little Foodie Club is the brainchild of Kerstin Kühn, an internationally acclaimed food writer and journalist as well as an obsessive foodie. When it came to introducing her daughter, Maxine, to solid foods, Kerstin discovered that eating, like most things in a baby’s life, is learned behavior. Catching a baby’s flavor window and exposing a young palate to a variety of fresh ingredients (especially vegetables) allows parents to teach their little ones to enjoy healthy eating. Inspired by Maxine’s foodie adventures, Kerstin took the plunge into entrepreneurship and launched Little Foodie Club. After collaborating with leading pediatricians and infant nutrition experts, she created Little Foodie Club’s curated meal plans to assist parents in palate-training their precious little foodies. Little Foodie Club exposes babies to an evolving range of organic ingredients and delicious tastes from the very first mouthful.


All parents want their kids to be good eaters. But how can children be expected to develop a sense of taste when the very first foods they're exposed to don't have any? Fresh baby food is bright, colorful and diverse in taste and texture; qualities that not just stimulate a baby’s senses but also help to develop a preference for fresh rather than processed foods. On the contrary, store-bought baby foods from jars or pouches are mass-produced and highly processed. They lack life, freshness and texture and when it comes to flavor, well, they just don’t have any because they all taste the same. So babies who first learn about food from these manufactured purées, are much more likely to prefer processed, unhealthy foods when they grow up.  

And that's just the start of it. Scientific research has found that some commercial baby foods contain dangerous toxins such as lead or arsenic. Studies have also shown that some manufacturers replace real food with water and thickening agents meaning their baby foods only provide a fraction of the nutrients of home-cooked baby food made from fresh ingredients.  

This is why Kerstin started Little Foodie Club: to offer parents a better choice when it comes to feeding their babies. By signing up to our subscription service, we will take your babies on a culinary journey through tastes, textures, flavors and scents that will nurture their bodies, tantalize their taste buds and expand their palates for life.