Little Foodie Club baby purées are the real deal: handmade in small batches from fresh organic ingredients and free from anything artificial, preservatives, sugar or salt. Our 21 Days to Solids transitioning plan is focused on top quality single-ingredient purees to give babies the best first taste experiences possible, while the recipes for our 6 month plus range are unlike anything else out there, with smart ingredient combinations and complimentary herbs and gentle spices creating truly delicious dishes that tantalize tiny taste buds. In short: Little Foodie Club takes care of a baby’s complete dietary needs while at the same time helping to develop a healthy and adventurous palate.

✔️Handmade in small batches   ✔️Organic   ✔️Local   ✔️Preservative-free   ✔️Salt-free   ✔️Vegan & Veg options

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Our menus change each month to ensure we stay true to the seasons and offer babies a constantly evolving range of ingredients, tastes and textures. Our baby food is flash-frozen immediately after cooking to lock in nutrients, freshness and flavor and can be kept in the freezer for up to three months. Each individual pot of baby food is enough for two to three servings, depending on your baby's appetite. 


  • Apples, Blueberries & Allspice

  • Banana, Strawberry & Mint

  • Mango, Coconut & Chia

  • Oats, Apples & Raisins with Cinnamon


  • Butternut Squash & Broccoli with Barley

  • Lentils & Rainbow Carrots with Thyme

  • Sweet Potato & Spinach Coconut Curry

  • Zucchini & Peas with Brown Rice & Mint


  • Baby Beef Casserole

  • Gently-spiced Chicken with Yam & Sweet Corn

  • Lamb with Potatoes, Spinach & Rosemary

  • Salmon with Sweet Potato, Orange & Ginger


✔️All of the ingredients used to make our baby purées are USDA certified organic.

✔️We do not use any artificial ingredients, colorings, additives or preservatives and our purées are free of sugar and salt.

✔️Our purées do not contain soy, dairy or nuts (except coconut).

✔️All our food is prepared fresh from scratch in small batches.

✔️The food is flash frozen immediately after cooking, locking in all nutrients, freshness and flavor.

✔️We prepare and package all our food in a commercial kitchen in compliance with the highest possible health and safety standards.