Introducing Solids To Baby

Introducing Solids To Baby

As your baby grows, they’ll start needing more and more nourishment. And while mom can provide for a while, there is eventually a point when your child will take the big step forward to solid foods. This can be a stressful time for parents as you try to take those ‘baby’ steps with your child as you begin introducing solids to baby. 

But introducing solids to baby doesn’t have to be something frightening or even confusing. In fact, with our help and a positive attitude, it’s easy to help baby start enjoying their solid foods the right way – and give them the dietary nourishment they need. 

Is Baby Ready For Solid Foods?

It’s easy for doctors or others to give you a hard date as to when your baby is ready for solids. In general, four months old is roughly the agreed upon time. But the fact is that every baby is different, and watching the baby instead of the calendar is a much better way to approach things. One baby maybe ready at four months, another may be ready at seven months. Here are some signs that it’s time to start introducing solids to baby. 

  • Your baby is at least four months old

  • He or she has doubled their birth weight

  • They’re still hungry after being bottle or breastfed

  • They can sit up and hold their head up without assistance

  • They can keep solid food in their mouth and swallow it. 

If your baby fits these basic criteria, it is likely a good time to try to start introducing solids to baby. 

A Basic Guide To Meal Time

So what do you need? The basics are: 

  • Highchair

  • Feeding Spoons

  • Bowls

  • Bibs

  • Food 

Some mothers and fathers introduce slowly, using solid foods as a kind of main course after starting with milk from the breast or bottle. Others use their solids first and then follow up with milk or formula. And others separate the two types of food completely. Experiment to find the schedule and method of introducing solids to baby that works best for you.

Of course, you may have your own approach to feeding your baby and introducing solids to baby. But at the heart of the process is one thing to remember – patience. Your baby may take time to accept the foods and enjoy them. We use a carefully selected range of fruits and vegetables to help introduce babies to different tastes. Prepare your selected foods and feed them when baby is hungry – it’s that easy. 

Introducing Solids To Baby

The Right Foods For Your Baby

One thing worth noting is that how you go about introducing solids to baby will have a big impact on your overall success. In particular, remember that offering a wide range of flavors is important. Studies have found that babies offered a variety of fruits and veggies within the first two weeks of eating solids will be more willing to eat vegetables when older. 

Our approach is unique. We use a curated range of fruits and veggies, letting your baby’s palate get used to savory first, then sweet later. Our blends of solid foods also gradually introduce new flavors, helping slowly let your baby find the foods that they like the best – and helping ensure that they like as much as possible in the process. 

Try Until you Succeed

It has been shown multiple times that repeatedly offering infants various vegetables increases their vegetable intake later on. But, it’s also important to remember that just because your baby shuns a food at first, they should still get another try at that food. 

Babies will like foods more than others, but the infant palate changes constantly. Experts suggest that it could take as many as 15 tries with one food before the baby will decide whether or not they really like it. In other words, just because baby seems to hate a certain food at first, continually trying to feed it to them could hit a ‘sweet spot’ that sees them suddenly love what you’re offering. 

We encourage responsive eating, as well. Never overfeed your baby. If they’re turning away or refusing food, it’s a sign that they’ve had enough. Never give up on your baby, but always be willing to listen to what they’re trying to tell you as well. 

If you’re ready to start introducing solids to baby, we’re ready to help. Let us be your guide through this exciting period in your baby’s life and help ensure that they get the nutrition they need.