Fresh Organic Baby Food

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Every child’s first few years are full of important milestones.  There’s the first word they learn to speak, the first moment they crawl or walk, the first shower, the first haircut, and so much more.  It’s an exciting time to be a parent, although it can also be very frightening and cause a lot of anxiety.

One important stage of every child’s development is the transition to solid foods.  Weaning your baby is a gradual process whether you started with natural breastmilk or baby formula, and your child’s first exposure to real food can make a surprisingly big impact on their future food preferences.  When you introduce new fruits, vegetables, and meats to an infant you teach them what food should taste like, and as an adult it can take a long time to get used to a new flavor or a new food source.

That’s why we created the Little Foodie Club.  A child’s first impression of food can have a big impact on their palette for the rest of their lives, but the big national brands only offer overcooked, over-pureed baby food that’s lost all its flavor and color.  We offer fresh, organic baby food full of texture, natural flavors, and variety, so the babies who eat our food will enjoy the best start possible.

A Little Love In Every Batch

Have you ever tried baby food as an adult?  If you have, you may have noticed that it’s hard to tell different flavors apart or identify what the main ingredients are supposed to be.  In many cases the taste is just plain awful.  This is because the companies that make baby food boil everything in big vats before pureeing and mashing everything down and adding filler ingredients that do nothing but add bulk.  That’s no way to introduce children to the wonders of solid foods.


That’s why the Little Foodie Club does things differently.  We start with fresh, organic ingredients and cook them in small batches to preserve the original flavors and colors.  We specifically look for a wide range of ingredients so that your child can experience all kinds of new foods and flavors right away.  We also make a point of avoiding common allergens like soy, nuts, and dairy just in case.  As a result, we deliver fresh, organic baby food that even an adult can appreciate.

The Full Package

Each child is unique, and if you have five kids all five of them might end up transitioning to solids at a different time and at a different pace.  That’s why the Little Foodie Club offers several food plans that you can customize based on your child’s needs.  For instance, 21 Days to Solids is a 3-week plan that will introduce your child to a new basic food every day, and it’s up to you in what order you give our fresh, organic baby food to your child.

We can also customize plans based on special diets or dietary needs.  If you’re a vegan household and you want to raise your child without meat, let us know and we’ll only send fruits and vegetables.  If your child has special allergies, let us know and we’ll adjust the meal plan we deliver to accommodate.

A Simpler Parenting Life

We know our products cost more than the jars of baby food you can get at the grocery store, but that’s because we know our fresh, organic baby food is better in every way.  We cook our food in small batches and puree it just enough to leave some texture, and then we deliver it directly to your home no matter where in the United States you live.

The one way you can feed your child better is by cooking and pureeing your own meals at home, but working families often can’t spare the time.  With the Little Foodie Club, you get fresh, organic baby food that delivers a quality you can trust.

First impressions can mean a lot, so don’t let your child get the wrong idea about solid foods by giving them baby food made by a national brand.  Instead, show them the amazing combinations of flavors, colors, and textures out there by giving them fresh, organic baby food.  Sign up today with the Little Foodie Club and that’s just what your child will get.