21 Day to Solids Infant Kit

The Easy Way To Get Your Infant On Solid Foods (4+ Months Only)

What are people saying about Little Foodie Clubs, 21 Day Baby Weaning Kit…

Starting solids was one of the milestones in our daughter’s life about which I was most nervous! A lot of literature, and differing opinions, etc. anyway, we netted out on wanting Georgina to try a variety of nutritious and interesting foods that also included meats. Little Foodie Club was exactly that!! Easy to prepare and good for G, we used as our primary source of purées until now Georgina has moved onto solids. Highly recommend!
— Lauren Carlyle
As a working mom, just didnt have time to make the purees myself.....so was very excited to order the “21 days to solids”! It was so fun to see what flavors my son did and didn’t enjoy. (Not surprisingly, he loves all the sweet fruits like his mom!) The daycare also got a kick out of seeing our son explore a new food every day. Aside from the food being top-notch quality, the customer service is unparalleled! Very excited for my son to grow up with a healthy diet from Little Foodie Club.
— Lindsay Derman
We loved the variety and ease of the options provided by the 21 day intro! Our pediatrician is now recommending it to others!
— Jacqueline Kronk
My son loved the 21 day plan. I was surprised on how good the quality is. I definitely will recommend to other families!
— Denise Lu

They grow up so fast!

Introducing solid foods to your infant is an exciting milestone. Here's everything you need to get your baby started on solids, we’ve included 21 days worth of food packets to help introduce your infant to solids, step by step handbook that tells you exactly what to do each day, meal planner for each day of your infants 21 day journey, and access to our expert staff to help answer any of your questions when weaning your child. All our products are made fresh every week and we only use the highest quality ingredients that are organic, low-allergy and plant based, because our children only deserve the very best.

What’s Included in Your Child’s Bundle:

21 Food Packets: 1.5oz Single Ingredients For Your Childs Journey into Solid Foods
Handbook: A complete step by step guide to help you transitioning your child to solid foods
Meal Planner: No guesswork give your child the matching pack on each day of our meal planner
Private Members Group: Where you have access to our experts to help answer any questions you have during your child’s journey

Frequently Asked Questions

+ I heard I should wait a few days before giving new ingredients.

Waiting two or three days before introducing a new ingredient is no longer considered necessary. Unless there is a strong history of food allergies or intolerances in your family, you can safely introduce your baby to a new ingredient every day.

+ What if my child doesn't like certain ingredients?

It is completely normal for babies to reject some or all foods at first. The good news is that a young palate is constantly changing and experts suggest that it can take babies up to 15 times of trying something before they can decide if they really like it or not.

+ How big are the portion sizes?

Each pouch of baby food contains 1.5oz, the perfect amount for a baby just starting to eat solid foods.

+ Where do you ship to?

We currently ship nationally. Please note: If you have any known shipping issues/notes associated with your address please let us know on your order. Ideally we ask that someone is home to receive.

+ How do I store this product?

The product arrives frozen and must be kept in the freezer until consumption. It can then be kept in the fridge for three days.

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