Best Baby Food Flavors

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Every child’s first few years are packed with major milestones.  The first time they crawl, the first time they walk, their first word, their first haircut, and so on.  Raising a toddler is an exciting but stressful time to be a parent.

Solid foods are one of these milestones, and they’re one of the most important.  The food choices you give your child can end up having a big impact on what they consider “normal” as they grow up and even what they choose to eat as adults.  If you introduce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to an infant, they will be much more open to eating these foods and may even prefer them to heavily processed foods.

Because a child’s first impression of food is so important, we created the Little Foodie Club.  Too many national baby food brands over-process their products, cooking and blending each ingredient until there’s no hint of the original flavor, color, or texture left.  You need the best baby food flavors to get the best results, and when you order from us that’s what you’ll get.

We Use Small Batches For Big Results

People sometimes hold baby food tasting contests as a party game.  This is because it’s often impossible to guess what flavor a jar of baby food is even if you can smell it, taste it, and see its color.  However, we feed these jars to our kids because they’re too young to know what good food is supposed to taste like and too young to tell us why they don’t like what they’re eating.  We can do better for our children, and at the Little Foodie Club that’s exactly what we do.

Best Baby Food Flavors

In our kitchen, we start with fresh, organic ingredients and cook them carefully to preserve the original flavors and colors.  We create our products in small batches to give them the attention they deserve, and when we puree our foods we leave some of the texture intact so babies can experience this important aspect of food.  We also take care to avoid common allergens like dairy, nuts, and soy, since a baby’s first foods isn’t a good time to learn that your child has allergies.  By doing this, we produce what we believe are the best baby food flavors on the market.

We Can Customize Your Order

At the Little Foodie Club, we offer several package deals for children at different stages of development.  We also allow our customers to customize their orders based on their children’s needs and dietary restrictions.  For instance, we can give you a completely vegan plan or adjust the products we send to accommodate a special allergy.

Our most popular plan would have to be the 21 Days to Solids.  With this package, you get 21 of the best baby food flavors we have so that your child can try something new each day for their first three weeks of solid foods.  This gives them an excellent sense of variety right from the start.

We Put In Effort So You Don’t Have To

At the Little Foodie Club, we know we’re not the only alternative to national-brand baby food packed with preservatives and fillers.  Parents can cook and puree their own food at home and decide for themselves what the best baby food flavors should be for t their children.

However, we also know that many parents lead busy lives that involve working, caring for other kids, cooking for the whole family, keeping the household in good shape, and so on.  By signing up for one of our programs, you’ll make life easier for yourself without having to compromise on the quality of the food you feed your infant.

When you sign up for the Little Foodie Club, you’ll get the best baby food flavors around and give your child an excellent first impression of the foods they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives.  You can do better than what the national brands think babies should eat, so sign up today and get a set of frozen baby food packets delivered directly to your door.  You can then thaw the packets in any order and start introducing your kids to solid foods the right way.