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Baby’s First Foods

Growing up means learning everything you can about the world around you, and this learning begins the moment you leave your mother’s womb.  Babies quickly learn things like how to identify their parents, how to move their arms and legs, and even how to form words.  From the moment you start weaning them off milk or formula, they also start to learn what kinds of foods they can eat.  This initial period can be very important because a baby’s first foods can define their tastes for the rest of their lives.


That’s why we set up the Little Foodie Club.  We’re a California company that hand-cooks and purees baby food with the aim of introducing babies to a wide variety of healthy foods and flavors.  By doing this, your kids will hopefully be able to enjoy fruits and vegetables as kids and hold onto those healthy habits as adults.


We Put Care Into Every Package


While baby food needs to be easier to eat than the stuff adults can enjoy, that doesn’t mean it has to be a texture-free mush like what you often see in the baby section of a grocery store.  A baby’s first foods can have a little texture without being hard to eat, and the Little Foodie Club offers exactly that.  We create every batch of food by hand, we use only fresh and organic ingredients, and we flash-freeze our pureed products to preserve as much of that original texture as possible.

We also do more to choose our ingredients than look for an organic label.  Allergies can develop early, so we make sure to avoid dairy, soy, and every kind of nut except coconut.  At the same time, our products offer a wide range of healthy ingredients so babies can get used to them, such as beets, squash, carrots, mangos, pears, and so much more.  Our basic meal plan also includes several kinds of meat, but vegan and vegetarian parents can choose our healthy and balanced alternatives.


Another detail we offer is color.  Babies and kids love bright colors, so we mix, cook, and preserve our ingredients to give each package a different, bright color.  By adding sight to smell and taste, we hope to encourage your children to explore new foods as much as possible.


Our Baby Foods Cover The Full Age Range


Baby food covers a time of transitions.  Their baby teeth are coming in, they’re trying real solid foods for the first time, and while pureed baby food is suggested from four months to eight months old, every baby is unique and so is their eating schedule.  That’s why we offer different food plans for different ages, and it’s why we offer a form with plenty of spaces for allergies and diet restrictions.  We want you to feel confident that your baby’s first foods will be appropriate for their age, eating ability, and needs.


For example, one of our popular plans is 21 Days to Solids.  For each day you get a packet with a single pureed ingredient inside, which means your child can experience variety from the moment you start weaning them.  Offering different flavors every day is perfectly healthy for a child, and while babies can be picky and reject a packet on one day, they often turn around and love it a few days later.


We Put In The Work So You Won’t Have To


Any parent could make their baby’s first foods by preparing and pureeing meals at home.  However, jobs and newborn infants use up a lot of energy, which is why so many parents turn to over-processed commercial baby food.  That’s why we here at Little Foodie Club offer a third alternative:  baby food made with the care and attention of a parent and shipped directly to our customers’ homes.  Our plans may cost more than the jars you’ll find at the grocery store, but that’s because we’re careful about the ingredients we use and we never add thickeners or artificial flavors.


For a healthy and allergen-free alternative to the processed national brands, have a look at the plans we offer here at the Little Foodie Club.  Your baby’s first foods should offer an introduction to healthy fruits and vegetables with no extra processing, and that’s just what we deliver.  If you live in California or a nearby community, select a plan that’s right for your child and start them on loving healthy food right away.