Baby Meal Delivery

Baby Meal Delivery

Babies go through a lot of very important milestones during the first few years of their life.  First words, first steps, and first solid meals are all part of the growing process, and these early experiences can have a surprisingly big impact on the rest of their lives.  Children learn language by listening to their parents, guardians, and siblings, and they learn what food should taste like from the first moment you start weaning them.

That’s why it’s so essential to show children how delicious and how varied good food can be.  Unfortunately, the canned baby food sold in most grocery stores doesn’t show them that.  Instead, the food is over-processed into texture-free mush and overcooked until all the flavor and color from the original products is gone.  If an adult can’t guess what a baby food tastes like without reading the label, why would you feed it to your child?  The Little Foodie Club wants to change all that, which is why we offer baby meal delivery that features products your child will see, taste, smell, and love.

We Put Care In Every Product

It’s true that baby food needs cooking and processing to be ready for a child who barely has any teeth yet.  However, you can still save some of the original texture without making the food hard to swallow, and you don’t need to boil the ingredients so much that they turn gray and bland.  At the Little Foodie Club, we respect our ingredients and our customers, and so we cook our baby foods in small batches and only process each meal just enough to be safe for a baby to eat.

Baby Meal Delivery

We also choose our ingredients carefully.  Many national brands will add filler and extra water to their baby foods to bulk them out and fill more jars, but we stick to the important ingredients and only use organic products.  We also stay away from common allergens like nuts, soy, and dairy.

The benefit of our method is the way it preserves color, texture, and flavor.  We all eat with our eyes, and bright colors are especially appealing to babies.  The texture gives children some variety, and the flavors teach kids what a healthy meal should taste like.  When you get a baby meal delivery from the Little Foodie Club, the packets you get will be good enough for adults to enjoy.

We Offer Plans For Every Age

The weaning process is a little different for every child.  Sometimes it’s better to start early, sometimes late, and some children need to wean for longer than others.  That’s why the Little Foodie Club offers several plans that our customers can customize based on their needs and the kind of diet they want to introduce to their children.  Every baby meal delivery plan includes several flash-frozen packets we send directly to our customers.

One of our most popular plans is 21 Days to Solids.  Each day you can introduce your child to a new food with a new flavor, and we always pack in as much variety as possible.  Some foods your child might reject at first, but keep at it.  A baby’s tastes can change from day to day.  You might have also heard not to introduce children to new flavors too quickly, but that’s an old way of thinking that turned out to be wrong.

We Give You Easy Access To Quality

If you want quality baby food instead of the grocery-store jars, you can always cook and puree foods at home.  Unfortunately, many families just don’t have the time to spare between their jobs, meals for the rest of the family, and all the other work that goes into raising a young child.  That’s why we make our baby meal delivery plans as simple as possible, and why we deliver our frozen products directly to our customers’ doors.  Just sign up for a plan, tell us which foods you want to avoid, and we’ll handle the rest.

At the Little Foodie Club, we know that a child’s first meals can have an impact on their sense of flavor that lasts the rest of their lives.  We want their first experiences to be wonderful, and so we put care and quality into every batch we make.  If you live anywhere in the United States, sign up today and we’ll send out a baby meal delivery right away.