Baby Food Flavors


The first few years of a baby’s life are filled with important moments.  The first word, the first time they crawl and walk, the first toy they play with, and so on.  Solid food is one of the biggest milestones, and you have to be careful about how and when you introduce it thanks to the way a child’s teeth come in.  However, the baby food you find in most grocery stores leaves a lot to be desired.

Baby food is an opportunity to introduce children to the flavors they’ll be experiencing for the rest of their lives, but the baby food flavors that the national brands offer only have a passing resemblance to the names they print on the jars.  Baby food companies take a lot of shortcuts by over-cooking and over-processing their products, not to mention the fillers they add to cut costs.  After all, their customers can’t complain since they can’t form whole sentences yet and don’t know any better.

At the Little Foodie Club, we believe that baby food is an opportunity to introduce children to new flavors and get them to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables right from the beginning.  That’s why we use quality ingredients and cook in small batches to preserve the flavors, colors, and textures while still making the food safe for babies to eat.

Every Batch Comes With Love And Attention

At the Little Foodie Club, we choose our baby food flavors and ingredients carefully.  We choose organic ingredients for both vegetable and meat baby foods, and we avoid common allergens like dairy, soy, and nuts.  After all, even if your child can handle these foods it’s better to be safe than sorry.  We also cook and process our foods as little as possible so kids can learn about the many colors and textures good food can have.

Baby Food Flavors

The reason we put so much care into baby food is because first impressions can have a lasting effect.  Babies learn what a language should sound like even before they can put words together, and baby food can teach them what to expect from the meals they’ll eat.  If a child grows up on heavily processed baby food that barely has any recognizable flavor, they may prefer processed foods over natural flavors later in life.

We Customize Our Food Plans For Your Child

When you order baby food from the Little Foodie Club, you can sign up for one of our plans and get several frozen packets of food delivered right to your door.  One of our most popular plans is 21 Days to Solids, a set of 21 different foods you can use for the first three weeks you introduce your child to solid foods.  We also have four-month and six-month plans that rotate through a long list baby food flavors like fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins.

No matter which plan you get, you can customize your order when you sign up.  If you know your child has a rare allergy or if you want to stick to a diet restriction like veganism or kosher, you can list your needs when you sign up.  We’ll make sure you can use all the baby food packets we send you.

Let Us Cook Food So You Don’t Have To

Many parents make their own baby food by cooking good ingredients at home and then blending or processing them to be easy for babies to eat.  Unfortunately, many parents are just too busy to cook food at home, and so they rely on pre-made baby food from the store.  However, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality.  That’s why the Little Foodie Club offers baby food flavors you can still recognize as an adult.  Guessing baby food flavors can be a fun party game, but that shouldn’t be something we feed our kids.

When you want baby food flavors made with respect for the ingredients and care for the little person who will eat them, you should sign up for the Little Foodie Club.  Our prices may be higher than the jars you find in grocery stores, but our products are worth every cent.  Check out our plans to find one that’s right for you, and feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.