Baby Food Delivery Service

When you’re a new mother, there are a lot of things that you’re going to need to sort out, and it will feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to get it done. That’s especially true with a newborn who’s not letting you get much sleep either! It’s one of the most wonderful times in the life of a family, as it’s just starting out with a new arrival, but at the same time, this happy, joyous, important time is far from easy.

And then there are all the things to learn! If this is your first child, there are many new considerations to start thinking about. And even if it’s not, knowing how to handle a child during infancy just means there’s less uncertainty, but doesn’t make things easier. That’s one of the reasons why the Little Foodie Club, in addition to helping you figure out how best to feed your child, is now making it easier to get that food with our baby food delivery service.

The First Months Matter

Baby Food Delivery Service

21st century mothers no longer have to “wing it” in terms of figuring out how to raise their infant, or rely on the advice of parents. There are plenty of good resources out there that give new mothers and fathers the information they need to best approach a child’s critical first year. But one area that’s often neglected is not nutrition, which every parent is concerned with, but the palate, which a lot of parents forget about! As an adult, you have your own favorites and preferences in terms of food. 

Maybe you’re a foodie that enjoys rich, complex flavors from Thai cuisine or other high caliber, culinary preparations. Maybe you grew up with an appreciation for the comforting flavors of good, carefully considered home cooking. Or maybe you’re the type that indulges in gourmet versions of American favorites, like a quality steak, hamburger or pizza. Whatever your preferences, you’ve developed an important thing for yourself and yourself alone; taste. But where do you think that came from?

This is where our baby food delivery service, and Little Foodie Club philosophy come in. We now know that the first year of a child’s life can be crucial in imprinting a lot of expectations and preferences for the rest of a child’s life. And taste, or an appreciation for a broad palate of flavors, textures, and colors in food, can also be formed, as a child transitions into solids and begins to eat on his or her own.

Opening The Doors Of Food

It’s understandable that for many parents, the first concern when it comes to baby food is nutrition, with a big secondary priority being convenience. In that respect, mass produced, packaged baby food seems to meet both criteria. Or does it?

Some baby foods actually use water or other thickeners in order to increase the volume of the baby food in the jar! That can make a baby feel full, but it’s certainly not doing anything to add to nutrition. And most baby foods commercially available are so heavily processed that both flavor and texture have become uniform, almost industrial. And this is where Little Foodie Club and our baby food delivery service really stand apart.

We know that the first year of a baby’s life is not just about nutrition—although that should be a priority—it is also the opportunity to develop lifelong, healthy, eating habits and preferences! In a baby’s first year, all the flavors that he or she encounters are going to be new, and it can often take anywhere from 10-15 meals with a particular flavor or texture before a baby decides whether that flavor or texture is one he or she likes! We even have vegan/vegetarian options for parents that want to get an early start!

Making Sophistication Simple

Baby Food Delivery Service

With the Little Foodie Club baby food delivery service, we take all the logistical nightmare out of wanting to give your child healthy, tasty, 100% organic, baby food, and do all the planning, preparation and even delivery for you! We take a variety of fruits, vegetables and even meats and prepare them for the early and later stages of your baby’s oral development. With our baby food delivery service, you can receive carefully prepared and portioned servings that engage your child’s taste buds and broaden their palate, so that they’re ready to accept a world of flavor beyond the sweet and savory of high calorie sodas and fast food that so many children fall prey to.

Whether you’re looking for a 21 day plan to transition your baby to solid foods, or something a bit more adventurous and sophisticated for a six month old and beyond, the Little Foodie Club baby food delivery service can help. We deliver throughout the state of California and are expanding our delivery range to Western USA and ultimately the entire country! Let us expand your baby’s palate the safe, easy, hassle free way!