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Baby Food Delivery

Babies start learning the moment they enter this world.  The first things they learn are very basic, like object permanence and how to move their own bodies.  After that they learn how to pick things up and move them around, and after they’re done with breast milk or formula they start to figure out what is and isn’t food.  This time is very important, because the foods babies eat even before they’ve worked up to solids can define what they consider tasty or nasty for the rest of their lives.

That’s where we come in.  The Little Foodie Club is a California-based baby food delivery company, and our goal is to introduce your child to as many flavors and ingredients as possible.  Scientific studies have shown that doing this gives kids a broad palate and helps them enjoy fruits and vegetables without having to cover them in frying oil or sugar.

We Care About Our Products

Baby food needs to be pureed, but it doesn’t need to be completely texture-free, tasteless, over-processed, or made in giant batches.  That’s what happens to the baby food you can find in jars in supermarkets, but that’s not what happens at the Little Foodie Club.  We make our products by hand in small batches using fresh and certified-organic ingredients, and we flash-freeze them afterwards to preserve the nutrients and leave just enough texture for babies to appreciate without having to struggle.

We’re also very careful about which ingredients we choose.  For the sake of babies with allergies we use no soy or dairy products, and the only nuts in our baby food are coconuts.  Aside from that our baby food delivery service provides a wide range of ingredients like carrots, beets, squash, pears, mangos, and just about every other healthy ingredient we can get our hands on.

Something else we do is make sure our baby food delivery offers a variety of colors.  Babies love bright, solid colors, and afterwards they’ll associate all different colors with healthy, tasty food.  We also include several kinds of meat along with alternative plans for parents who want to raise their kids to be vegan or vegetarian.

Our Plans Cover All Ages

Babies do a lot of growing and changing, which is why we offer several meal plans that start with introducing children to solid foods and continue up to the point when they can chew all their own food.  Pick the meal plant that applies to your child, let us know what food allergies and diet restrictions apply, and our baby food delivery service will send you a set of freshly made and flash-frozen meals.

For instance, our 21 Days to Solids plan includes 21 single-ingredient packets so babies can start their solid-food experience with all kinds of new flavors, smells, and textures.  Modern pediatricians no longer believe parents should wait three days between adding new flavors and babies can reject a food several times before giving it a try, so there’s a very good chance your child will love all 21 fruits and vegetables by the time the three weeks are up.

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It’s not hard to make your own pureed baby foods at home, but it does take time to pick up the ingredients, cook them, and blend them to just the right consistency.  Even if you don’t work you might not have the time to spare when you need to care for other kids, keep the house clean, and make healthy meals for everyone else.  That’s why so many parents rely on processed baby foods even though they often lack flavor, texture, and nutrients.  It also doesn’t help that many companies add artificial flavors and thickeners that aren’t very healthy.

Our baby food delivery service offers parents a healthy alternative to processed meals that doesn’t require them to take time out of a busy schedule.  With organic ingredients cooked and pureed by hand in small batches, you can introduce your child to quality food right from the beginning and let them enjoy all kinds of good, healthy flavors.  So if you live in California or select nearby states, order a plan from the Little Foodie Club and you’ll get some amazing baby food for your child.