Little Foodie Club believes  that through palate training you can make a huge impact on your child's eating habits later on in life

Research shows that the bigger the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, tastes and textures that we are exposed to before age one, the more likely we are to remain healthy and adventurous eaters for life. So the first six months of eating solids are a vital time when it comes to shaping our palate and future appreciation of healthy, delicious food. 

Yet all the baby purées that are available in stores do not support this important stage of a baby's taste development. They lack life, freshness and texture and when it comes to taste, well, they just don’t have any. 

And that's just the start of it. Scientific research has found that some commercial baby foods contain dangerous toxins such as lead or arsenic. Studies have also shown that some baby food manufacturers replace real food with water and thickening agents in many of their products for babies over six months of age, meaning these baby foods only provide a fraction of the nutrients of baby food made from fresh, pure fruits and vegetables. What this essentially means is that your baby would need to eat twice as much shop-bought food to get the same nutritional value of a freshly cooked meal.

This is why we started Little Foodie Club: to offer parents a better choice when it comes to feeding their babies. By signing up to our subscription service, you will take your baby on a culinary journey through tastes, textures, flavors and scents that will nurture their bodies, tantalize their taste buds and expand their palate for life.