June Newsletter

Welcome to our very first Little Foodie Club newsletter. We’re thrilled to be up and running, working hard to deliver our nutritious and delicious baby food to you and your little ones and bringing joy to your mealtime.
As a special launch promo we’re currently doing a $20 Taste Tester pack, which includes three seasonal flavors. Plus, in addition to our subscription meal plans, we now also offer one-off orders of seven different purées, giving you 14 single meals.

One of these is our recipe of the month: Summer Squash and Yellow Bell Pepper with brown rice and Basil. It’s bright, flavorful and nutritious. High in Vitamins A and K, this puree is great for strengthening baby’s immune system as well as supporting eye development.

Little Foodie Club’s goal is to instill a life-long love of healthy, delicious food in your baby right from the start. And our mantra is a concept called palate-training. But what exactly is palate training and why is it so important? In a nutshell, it’s the idea that through consistent exposure of fresh, healthy and tasty food, we can shape our little one’s palate to love eating healthily for life. Want to know more? Palate-training expert Dr. Laura Lefkowitz does a great job at explaining the importance of palate-training and how she approaches it, both as a nutritionist and as a mother of two.

Little Foodie Club co-founder, Kerstin Kuhn, culinary director and mother of lovely Maxine, was recently featured on Country Munchkin to talk about the ins and outs, highs and lows of mothering. Check out her refreshing interview (plus see cutie Maxine when she was oh so teeny!).

And finally… we’re excited to introduce our Little Foodie of the Month! Meet Britta! She’s 10 months old and tucking into our turkey and sweet potato puree. Mom Kara says, “Yum! The turkey was great and Britta really enjoyed it. My overall impression of Little Foodie Club is that the food is yummy and versatile.”
Thanks Britta and Kara - we’re happy to have you!
To you and your Little Foodies, we’re wishing you the best as this summer kicks off. Happy eating!

Little Foodie Club