Little Foodie Club Los Angeles offers organic, locally sourced delicious food to babies aged 6 months old and older

Little Foodie Club is here to revolutionize the way babies eat. Forget about mass-produced, processed and tasteless mush out of a jar or pouch. Our purées are the real deal and will take your babies on a culinary adventure that will nurture their bodies, tantalize their taste buds and instill a love of healthy eating for life.  




Our baby purées are the real deal: handmade from fresh all-natural ingredients and free from anything artificial, sugar or salt.  



Recognizing the importance of a varied diet in early taste development, we are here to shape the next generation of happy, healthy and adventurous eaters. 



You choose your baby's meal plan, sign up and we hand-deliver your baby purées directly to your door anywhere in SoCal or the Bay Area. 





If you don't have the time or inspiration to cook baby food but want to feel good about what your baby is eating, Little Foodie Club is here to help. Simply sign up and join the Little Foodie Club revolution. You can cancel or pause your plan at any time. 


Dr. Laura Lefkowitz and Little Foodie Club believe that palate training can dramatically improve your Childs love of food in later life  



Little Foodie Club founder Kerstin Kuhn and her daughter Maxine



Little Foodie Club is the brainchild of Kerstin Kühn, an international food writer, who has traveled and eaten her way around the world for more than 10 years. When it came to feeding her daughter Maxine, she realized the importance palate-training plays in raising a child who loves to eat vegetables and is willing to try new foods. So Kerstin developed her own range of baby purées with a culinary touch. Maxine is now a toddler who not only loves to eat vegetables but is already a truly adventurous eater. With Little Foodie Club’s curated meal plan we will help instill a life-long love of fresh, healthy and delicious food in your baby too.  

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Little Foodie Club the subscription based baby food delivery service has partnered with South African charity Sharing is caring.



Little Foodie Club is a proud partner of Isabelo, a charitable organization in South Africa responsible for feeding children from underprivileged families nutritious and delicious meals. For every subscription we sell here in Los Angeles, we will donate a portion to Isabelo in South Africa.

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